64 Button Shield

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The 64 Button Shield expands the capabilities of your Arduino to a whole new world. Imagine connecting 64 buttons to an Arduino!

The 64 Button Shield is ideally suited to make custom electronic musical instruments, sound effect boards or simply give your Arduino a ton of inputs.

The 64 Button Shield, works by constantly scanning an eight by eight button matrix for either a button press or release. When there is a change (press or release), the shield sends the button info to the Arduino. All the Arduino has to do is wait. Don't have 64 buttons, no problem! Any buttons that aren't connected are simply ignored by the 64 Button Shield.


Auto disconnect from Arduino during sketch upload (does not cause sketch upload errors)
Two interface modes
Pins from unused connection mode are usable by Arduino
Small form factor and standard shield shape
Busy LED: button pressed / released or sketch uploading
Processor on the shield does most of the work, so your Arduino can concentrate on your project.
Get the full instructions and build directions on the official 64 Button Shield web page.

This is a kit, assembly required.

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